GTA 6 Trailer Segmentation Using Deep Topological Analysis

We provide an illustration of video analytics utilizing Deep TDA (Topological Data Analysis)

Edward Kibardin
December 18, 2023

Let's break down what's happening in this video and grasp the process. This is a new way to analyze videos, and it provides a clear example of how image segmentation functions in Deep Topological Analysis.

Frame extraction

The first thing is to extract frames from the video, and it's not too complicated; a simple Python code can do it. For a 1 minute and 24 seconds video at 30 frames per second, we end up with around 2590 frames. After trimming some similar frames at the start and end, we end up with our list of frames.

Extracted frames from the video

Model training

To create the visuals, we utilized our Deep TDA model, beefed up with contrastive learning. The training process took place over 100 epochs, resulting in a solid model ready for analysis.

The graph represents Deep TDA contractive loss, trained over 100 epochs


Looking at the segmentation results from various angles, starting with the graph's high-level representation, it's evident that there are distinct regions for similar visual themes:

Marked segmentation regions

Observing the overall structure, a noticeable dependency emerges: the longer the scene, the more extended the trace. In the trace, represented as a line, scenes with continuous transitions to new states are depicted. On the other hand, scenes that linger around a specific subject without much transition are illustrated as round traces.

TDA map on 2D plane with frame positions

Long scene traces

Certain extended scenes in the video represent a seamless shift from one position to another, a characteristic depicted as a trace in the TDA map. Here's an example of such a trace at the beginning of the video:

Long scene trace example with frame positions

Here a part of the video for the reference:

Y-shaped trace

Another intriguing structure we observe is the Y-share, known in TDA terms as a junction. This represents a scenario where three patterns or features converge together:

Y-shaped scene trace example with frame positions

Once more, let's take a look at this specific segment from the video:

There are numerous other fascinating structures waiting to be explored; feel free to examine them in detail.


Deep TDA proves its applicability not only to short trailers but also to longer content videos, such as extensive collections from dashcams or cameras on self-driving cars, facilitating the segmentation of vast content into analyzable patterns.

Its versatility extends to large-scale production environments, enabling segmentation across various video types, including production lines, distribution, security, and more.

The original GTA6 Trailer and its frames are property of Rockstar Games.

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